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Chicken or Pizza … what about both?

On June 14th we held a Release Party celebrating newest Fedora 15 Lovelock. This vent was held on Universidad Centromericana at Roberto Teran conference hall.
When yo go to an event as speaker you are contributing some of your time and sharing your experience. But for having such opportunity there is a lot of work done before. Like securing facilities, planing the agenda, contacting people, printing leaflets and posters as invitation, making videos, sideshow, securing equipment for demonstration, physically moving equipment, setting up equipment … sure I am leaving so many thing out. This time at Universidad Centroamericana we have the opportunity of having plenty of people giving a hand, working hard and having fun with event. This time we have two students group working together to make this event happen. I will name alphabetically to avoid any preferences, ANETIC and GUL-UCA. Anetic is an student association for Information and communication technologies, they like free software but they are not exclusively engage in free software. Then we have the GNU/Linux user group of the Universidad Centroamericana. Both groups have gather the best people in System Engineering degree, and they usually help each other when the have events. Now this was a new experience because both group were helping the event, no one group leading and other helping out. The event turn out a success.
Fedora Project was awarding a dinner as a thanks gesture for those people that help out making an release party. Well, there is need for procedures, like registering your event and reporting, taking pictures and so on.
I found funny that people organizing events are really driven and make arrangements quickly, but for getting an agreement on how, when, where this dinner was supposed to be held brought some ups and downs. As the hardest point to agree was on food I suggested that we went to a food court so we can have the best of both worlds: pizza and chicken.
Release Party Team
It was fun to share some leisure time with Aura, Wendy, Enrique, David, Ana, Pablo, Cesar, Katherine and Norlan. We do miss Francys. Last time I said that we need to do things beyond events, where we can talk freely and enjoy each others company. I shall make time for this.

Celebrando Lovelock en Managua

Este 14 de Junio, en el Auditorio Roberto Terán de la Universidad Centroamericana a partir de las 1:30pm vamos a realizar el evento de lanzamiento de Fedora 15 – Lovelock.

Como siempre los detalles de los eventos de Software Libre estan disponibles en Linux Tour

Para este evento contamos con el apoyo de la Universidad Centroamericana que esta facilitando el local, y con el apoyo de: GUL-UCA y ANETIC-UCA

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